PURO | BEAMTECH ridisegna il soffione doccia in acciaio inox
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BEAMTECH redesigns the stainless steel shower head

BEAMTECH presents PURO, the new shower head made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

PURO is the ideal product for those looking for a comfortable and versatile shower. Its innovative handle, ergonomic design and choice of materials make it an indispensable object to enhance the contemporary bathroom.


The new showering experience.

AISI 316L stainless steel

Made of AISI 316L stainless steel, PURO is the ideal shower head for both indoor and outdoor environments. The metal used in its production ensures durability even in outdoor and saline environments prone to corrosion..


PURO‘s ergonomic and minimalist design offers an immersive and personalized shower experience, thanks to the innovative handle integrated into the body, which with a simple rotation activates the rain or cascade spray, quickly switching from a relaxed condition to a more energetic and vigorous one.


Designed to simplify installation, PURO is the ideal choice in building renovations, as it can be mounted on a standard 1/2-inch water outlet, and , where there is already a mixing or dispensing the integrated detour system of PURO will give you the two dispensers with a simple gesture. The sharp, bold profile makes it a design object adaptable to residential and contract settings.


In addition to the Inox scotch brite version, its most classic and iconic declination, PURO is available in all finishes in the official BEAMTECH catalog, including contemporary and trendy PVD colors.